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S/S Trend 2011--Azzurro come il cielo

07 April 2011
Today I wanted to do a post on makeup for women of color with yellow undertones but since its my birthday and it is an extensive post--I half of it done--I decided instead to give a simple post until tomorrow where the aforementioned post will be up and be ready. I will probably work on it all night because it is important.

So until then I am bringing you another S/S Trend for 2011, blue, azzurro, like the sky is huge for nail wear this spring. And I mean HUGE! Blue in all of its hues from light blue to navy to teal, dig it out of your makeup box or go buy a new bottle and get it on your toes and hands baby! Rock it. Not to mention it is a fabulous color that goes with every skin tone and everything.  Below I have provided you with a few example of the oh so popular blue. Andiamo!

The Blues Have It

1. Beach Bum Blu, Essie 
2. Austin-tatious Turquoise, OPI Texas Collection
3. Nirvana, Dior Vernis
4. Lapis of Luxury, Essie
5. Blagger, Butter London
6. Verde Malachite Perlato, Kiko (an Italian brand)
7. Biker Blue, Mac Cosmetics Jeanious Collection
8. Blue Satin, Chanel

3 comments on "S/S Trend 2011--Azzurro come il cielo"
  1. very excited.. about your yellow undertone post!

  2. And happy Birthday! You dont look a day over 20 ;)

  3. Thanks Reign. It'll be up in the morning. :)


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