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Makeup Basics--Raven Haired Beauties

25 April 2011

Oh yes,

There used to be a time when raven hair was considered the ultimate beauty catch until the blondes stole the show--by fault of the UK and then America because blondes were uncommon in this people group. Did you know the original Spaniards before the Moorish conquest were Blondes? Anywho, I am one who loves raven hair because it is just as uncommon as red hair--in Europe at least. Like blondes, however, raven hair comes in one skin undertone for the most part and I would venture to say that 90% of the time, true raven haired beauties almost always blogspot statshave olive undertones. Even the Celtic ones--they are just pale.

The beauty of raven hair however is that you see it in ALL ethnicities unlike blondes. You see raven hair in people from Spain, N.Africa, Europe (all), the Middle East, Caribbean, the Pacific Rim and Asia. Asians and Middle Easterners pretty much dominate this hair color but alas, raven hair does not discriminate. It exists everywhere. Some even have blue-black hair and it is amazing.

Raven hair is awesome because it is basically a neutral color--black--so your face is an open canvas for any color you want to work with--I personally like silvers, blacks and purples for this hair color--and red or hot pink lips are to die for!! Just make sure you stay in the warm or mixed family of colors and you got yourself a color palette made in heaven.

Hopefully, my color board will inspire you to go to the makeup counter this weekend and have a look around and play. By the end of the week hopefully I wil do a post on Silver Foxes and begin next week with S. Asian and E. Asian women.

Until then, have a great evening or afternoon wherever you are! Toodles!

Daily look for Raven Haired Beauties

1. Bare Study Paint Pot, Mac Cosmetics
2. Patina e/s (lid), Mac Cosmetics
3. Charcoal Brown e/s (outside corner of eye and crease), Mac Cosmetics
4. Wedge e/s (crease), Mac Cosmetics
5. Teddy Kohl Liner, Mac Cosmetics
6. Blush Baby Powder Blush, Mac Cosmetics
7. Hot Tahiti Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics

Smokey Eyes for Raven Haired Beauties
1. Dab New Cream pigment (inner corner of lid), Illamasqua 
2. Blackground paint pot (center to outside lid), Mac Cosmetics
3. Satellite Dreams e/s (inside corner of eye, tear duct to center), Mac Cosmetics
4. Beauty Marked e/s (center to outside corner of eye blend up), Mac Cosmetics
5. Smolder Kohl Liner (water line), Mac Cosmetics
6. Permaplum Power Point Liner (lower lash line blend into Smolder), Mac Cosmetics
7. Mocha Blush, Mac Cosmetics
8. Spice Lip Pencil, Mac Cosmetics
9. Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics

Bold Lip for Raven Haired Beauties
1. Electra e/s (tear duct), Mac Cosmetics
2. Knight Divine e/s (lid), Mac Cosmetics
3. Carbon e/s (outside corner and lower lash line), Mac Cosmetics
4. Apricot Powder Blush (contouring), Dolce and Gabbana Makeup
5. Sakura Mineralize Blush (on apples of cheeks), Mac Cosmetics
6. Up the Amp lipstick, Mac Cosmetics
7. Extra Amps Dazzleglass, Mac Cosmetics

Colorful Eyes For Raven Haired Beauties
1. Rubenesque Paint Pot, Mac Cosmetics
2. All that Glitters (tear duct inside lid), Mac Cosmetics
3. Cranberry e/s (blend into All that Glitters to outside corner of eye), Mac Cosmetics
4. Plum Dressing e/s (outside corner and crease), Mac Cosmetics
5. Black emphasEyes Amazonian Clay Liner, Tarte Cosmetics
6. Plush Baby Plushglass, Mac Cosmetics

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