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Being Healthy--Day 1 anti-sugar diet

10 April 2011
Today is the first day of the second half of my life and I promised myself this year--I turned 35 Thursday-- that I will start treating my body like the temple it is and take better care of it. I don't really have an addiction to sugar, I actually broke that addiction two years ago until I moved to Italy where the pastries are made from pure products instead of the fake more harmful stuff that we use in the States. One bite and I find myself on sugar again which is a bad thing seeing that I suffer from time to time from chronic candida and it makes me tired. Personal I know but it must be said. The first time off of sugar was assisted by my life coach and natural nutritionist Jen Fugo over at Evolving Well--whom I will write about in the next couple of weeks, especially for those who are wanting to get healthy. Our entire 6 months program was done via telephone and email sessions and in four months I lost 40lbs due to exercise and eating very healthy however when I get stressed I crave fried chicken and sugar. So instead of working out to stave off the stress I fell back into my old habits here in Italy and gained 20lbs. 

Well no more to that, I am destined to be healthy and determined to live a healthier life. I was more confident and had more energy when I was 20lbs lighter and I loved taking pictures. To be honest after not eating sugar for months--substituting it with **Stevia instead--I did not like the taste of it until I moved to Italy where REAL sugar is used in EVERYTHING sweet and I became hooked, sad to say. However,  in the last couple of weeks I have been slowly but surely removing sugar from my diet and today I am going cold turkey. I am also working on removing meat from my diet. I found these amazing tofu chicken patties and woo-wee I can eat those without ever having meat again. I will keep fish in my diet though and since I am leaving Italy, giving up cheese will also be easy. I will continue to update you on my progress as well as my weight loss and I may even post pics. 

Wish me luck.

**Stevia is an herb from South America that is used to sweeten whatever you need to use it for. It does not elevate the sugar in your blood or system. It is better for you because it is not chemically enhanced--don't use Truvia or products like this use pure stevia such as Sweet Leaf Products--unlike artificial sweeteners. 
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  1. Limit your intake of sugar to maintain your diet. Take what's necessary for your health.

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe


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