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Makeup Basics-- Blondes Have More Fun

05 April 2011
At least that is what they say but it has yet to be scientifically proven. I must say however when you live a Mediterranean country a blonde stands out in any crowd which is why many Italian women make the mistake of going blonde. Although fair skinned Italian women look amazing with blonde hair if it is a warmish blonde. See the thing is, true blonde-blondes are rarely born with olive undertones. Now, this is based on my observation of ethnic groups that I have come into contact with. That is not to say that  mediterranean women, including men and women in Syria--the blondes of the Middle East-- are not born 'blonde.' In most cases they are actually born strawberry blonde (pink), ash blonde (beige) or light brunette (brown) with natural blonde highlights but these are semantics. When I say blonde, I mean yellow blonde. The blonde that every starlet in Hollywood eventually dye their hair.

Natural Scandinavian/Anglo blondes are are rarely born with olive skin, most are born with pink undertones. There is a reason for this in nature. Blonde on olive--yellow/green cool--skin does not look natural. The person ends up looking quite jaundiced--monochromatic and flat even quite like Beyonce's new look. Her only saving grace is the warm color on her cheeks.

I digress I am not here to lambaste Beyonce's new look, I am here to teach you how to perk up your make up kit. Natural blondes such as actresses Amanda Seyfried, Cate Blanchette, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Watts know how to vamp up their hair color.  Remember, for all intents and purposes blonde basically means 'yellow.' Since, most blondes are born with warm undertones one would venture to say that they should use cool colors in their makeup, yes? Wrong, because of the coolness of their hair color they must mix the colors on their face. No blonde should use just a cool or warm palette on their face but use a mixture of warm and cool colors to avoid looking dull.  Yes, blonde hair looks fantastic on tanned skin, because when a person with warm undertones tans, their skin turns a burnished red/bronze color. So it still works. But I am not advocating tanning. I personally advocate natural skin and natural tans from walking or exercising in the sun, not laying out like a roasted chicken or under very dangerous UV Lights. Or, just use Bronzer...:D

I hope my trend boards below inspire you and spark some ideas.

Smokey Eyes for Blondes

I decided to use Smut and Satin Taupe eyeshadows in this board because they both have a plummy base to them which again is a complementary color to yellow. The blue/pink lip tar will bring a flush to the cheeks. This color combo will look especially lovely on blondes with blue eyes.

Bold Lip for Blondes

I decided to buck the norm and use a fuchsia lipstick and a bright pink instead of Red. Red is so obvious. The fuchsia lip color has a purplish undertone which is the complementary color to yellow. It would look just as amazing and shocking on a blonde. And it will definitely be unexpected

A Daily Look for Blondes

I decided to use Sumptuous Olive and Greensmoke eyeshadows because they are green. Green is the complementary color to red which is a natural blonde's skin undertone. This combo will intensify the color or undertone of a blonde's skin. Modesty lipstick is a warmer beige color which will balance out the coolness in the green eyeshadows. Use Sumptuous Olive on the Lid and Greensmoke in the crease.

Colorful eyes for blondes

Again purple, I have already given you the explanation for this one. This color combo will look especially great on blondes with green and brown eyes.

And finally the Must Have Nail Color of the season for blondes to put a Spring into your step
Guy Meets Gal-veston

I hope that these basic makeup lessons have helped you a bit. You do not have to follow my example word for word but use it as a guideline to choose or experiment with your own makeup. Until tomorrow. Bonne chance!

***If you are an older woman and have texture around your eyes, use matte colors in your crease. You can wear eyeshadows with shimmer but make sure they have veluxe finishes. With this finish the shimmer is not large chunks of glitter, for which you need to avoid to keep from looking haggard.

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