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Spring Trend 2011--The Roaring 20s and Prada

19 April 2011
It seems these pesky headaches are gone for a while--they are just sitting there on the edge-- now so I am in a blog posting mood. I am starting today off with a Spring trend from an era that I love for all of its rebellion and freedom, great music and style; the roaring 20s. 

This was the first women's revolution decade, where they gave up corsets for men's wear and flowing locks for cropped hair and moved away from barely there makeup to all out smokey and bordeauxed lip glamour! The 20s and 30s rocked.

I created this inspiration because of some fabulous Prada shoes I saw. I mean I know I cannot afford them but who cares, they are beautiful.  I wanted to use this season's love of mixing patterns and paired the green/black striped Mary Janes with a multi-colored animal print jacket. So enjoy my take on the 20s.

1. Animal Print Cropped Sateen Jacket, Newport News
2. Long Sleeve Tee, Newport News
3. Stretch Wide Leg Pant (in black), Newport News
4. Prada Striped Mary Jane Pumps, Saks 5th Avenue
5. Puglia Faux Pearl Dangle Drop Earrings, Emitations
6. Pearls and Blue Cameo Necklace, Amazon
7. Calliope's Faux Pearl Cocktail Ring, Emitations

Roaring 20s Inspired Makeup Fair Skin

1. Coral Crepe paint pot (all over lid and crease), Mac Cosmetics
2. Paradisco e/s (center of the lid), Mac Cosmetics
3. 100 Strokes e/s (inside corner, outside corner and crease of eye), Mac Cosmetics
4. Dark Brown Jumbo Pencil (lower lash and water line), NYX Cosmetics
5. Spice it Up Lipstick (use finger to dab color on lip like a stain), Mac Cosmetics
6.  Suzi Loves Cowboys, OPI
7. (for less dramatic look) Hover Lip Pencil, Mac Cosmetics
8. Nude Attitude Lipstick, Revlon

Roaring 20s Inspired Look Medium Dark to Deep Skin

1. Coral Crepe paint pot (all over lid and crease), Mac Cosmetics
2. Mythology e/s (center of the lid), Mac Cosmetics
3. Typographic e/s (inside corner, outside corner and crease of eye), Mac Cosmetics
4. Black Bean Jumbo Pencil (lower lash and water line), NYX Cosmetics
5. Media Lipstick (use finger to dab color on lip like a stain), Mac Cosmetics
6. William Tell Me About It Nail Polish, OPI
7.  (for less dramatic look) Chocolate Jumbo Lip Pencil, NYX
8. Creme de Nude Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics

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  2. love all of these. Amazing post love. If you get a sec swing by to see my recap of heel heaven. xoxo


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