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6am After Party Shoot with Photographer Niki Di Landa

28 April 2011

Let's just say I am knackered. I had a 6 hour photo shoot yesterday with budding Greek photographer Niki di Landa and it went on without a hitch. I really enjoyed the styling and feel of the shoot. My camera stopped working mid shoot so I was only able to acquire a few shots but once I get the prints from Niki I will post them here on my blog. I am too tired to write a real blog today but do enjoy the shots I took.

© courtesy of Niki di Landa

© courtesy of Niki di Landa

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3 comments on "6am After Party Shoot with Photographer Niki Di Landa"
  1. Uh, I don't mean any harm but ole dude in the first pic needs to pull those pants ALL THE WAY UP.

    Have a good weekend girly! I know that you rocked the shoot out.

  2. oh but it was so much fun oggling him. I have not seen straight man meat in 10 months so it was fun! too love. I just got some awesome news today so I am very happy

  3. hahahaha! i agree. i haven't seen a straight man in months.


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