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01 April 2011
So everyone wants to know what is going on with me here in lovely Italia. Well, on Monday I will be buying my ticket back to Houston. I will be returning for two months. I have a couple of opportunities come up so I will be pursuing them and as they unfold I will let you know.

I may not be in the States for long but again that is all up in the air and to be honest I do not want to stay however if there are amazing opportunities for me there then I will suck it up for a while and then venture out again.

At the moment I am preparing myself mentally for the move ahead and I am sad to say goodbye to Italy but happy at the same time. I came here for one thing but I end up getting something more valuable--rest and my dream back. I needed the R&R and yes it has been stressful here because of money issues however it has been the most rewarding time of my life. I have made some amazing friends that I will miss immensely, I have done so frigging awesome photo shoots that I would never have had the time to do in the States AND I have made some awesome and unexpected connections that I hope will pan out over the next few months.

So, stay tuned, there is more to come for me and I hope I have inspired you all to leave your comfort zone and venture out. I know I am always looking forward to a new adventure.

I will continue to write about beauty, fashion, culture, inspiration and adventures here. Not to mention god only knows what will happen over the next 6 weeks that I have left here.


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