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Day 6 Sugar Free Diet

18 April 2011
I am hitting day 6 of being sugar free and I am sure you are wondering why I do not have a real post up. Let's just say my body is rebelling and I have had a sugar headache for the last 3 days.  I am starting to feel like Halle Berry from Jungle Fever.. Give me the crack muthaf****r!

But I will stick this out for the required three weeks. I control my body not the other way around.  The only thing soothing me is listening to Adele's 21 album on repeat and watching old episodes of Leverage. So stay tuned, tomorrow I have some fabu posts in store and I will be working on them tonight. I need to get up and go fix myself something to eat. I am thinking some fried rice (basmati) with veggies and eggs. Yummy....

Until tomorrow have a great Monday..

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