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Cigarettes and Lipstick: Talent Scout Edition, Eilidh McKellar

07 May 2014

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love good music, to the point that I just refuse to listen to 95% of pop music these days. IMO it's crap compared to the pop music I grew listening to, i.e, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson.  It warms my heart when I stumble upon or contacted by up and coming musician who are as talented as they are good and Eilidh (pronounced Ay-lay) McKellar, a Scottish transplant is an example of this.

Eilidh is a part of that fourth wave of the UK invasion but unlike her counterparts who are bluesy, Eilidh carries a rock and roll punch with  bluesy-ish/blue grass tones. With a voice that is purely electric, Eilidh is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Song Summer Daze (from her first LP) opens up with a rocking guitar rifts and then Eilidh smoky raspy voice takes over the song. You can't help,but make this song your summer anthem. Her voice sounds as if she was coached by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King but her guitar rifts are purely 80s rock and roll. 

From her upcoming LP, the single 'Hold Steady' has become one of my favorite of the spring. This single throws me back to the days of Prince and Rick James in the early 80s. That same soulful sound combined with pure rock perfection. To be fair, Eilidh, has her own unique sound, but you can definitely hear her influences in it.

I hope you have enjoyed Eilidh just as much as I have.  I am definitely going to be watching this lady's star rise. You can purchase both singles on Itunes  and follow her on Facebook and  Twitter and visit her site here.

12 Weeks Later: Life, there's nothing like it

05 May 2014

Its been 12 weeks since I  moved to the Bay area and even longer since I've written anything personal on my blog, but I hope to remedy that soon. It has had its ups and downs, more ups than downs and it has truly brought out those who are truly my friends. It's been tough trying to find housing here, so I've found myself crashed on one of my best friend's sofa and moved into temporary--damn near permanent lodging- to give me time to comb through the undesirable and desirable places to live in Oakland in particular.

So far I have enjoyed being here. I have a job I actually like. I now work with homeless veterans. This job, believe it or not, allows me to be creative since the organization is rebranding itself. I have views of a beautiful lake, that looks like a scene from northern Italy. I work two minutes from a harbor where I watch boats sail everyday. And the weather is the best I have ever experienced.

SO here's a low down of what I've been up to:

I've hung out with this handsome fella:

I've been California Dreaming near the sea:

I've eaten some of the best vegetarian and vegan food ever (I'm working on becoming a pescatarian):


I've visited an 80 year old movie theater and star-gazed thanks to my new obsession Cosmos:

I've been working on my SS 2014--more like Summer 2014-- Collection:

And building my empire (More on that later):

Let's play catch up! What have you guys been up to?


02 May 2014
This spring's fashion trends are full of retro surprises. They give you many opportunities to flaunt your artistic nature on your clothes instead of your walls or screen saver. This season's must haves are fun, quirky, even beautiful. They come in all price ranges and sizes and there are various ways to wear them. From colorful landscapes printed on bags to impressionist flowers printed on skirts, this season's fare is meant to be fun and a bit audacious.  

Landscapes and Portraits

spring_summer_2014_print_trends_portraits_scenery1   spring_summer_2014_print_trends_portraits_scenery2     

 Landscape scenes and portraits are one some of the biggest trends this season. From graphic doodles of faces and photographed and sketches of landscapes, these two trends can be colorful and unique stand outs. These two trends were singled out in the shows of designers Dolce and Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Antonio Marras, Prada,  and Jean Pierre Braganza, making them some of the most after trends in the high streets around the world.   

Portraiture Trend

Feminine Florals



 Brush stroke florals is another popular artistic trend this season. It is a mix of vibrant, yet feminine florals, seemingly painted onto fabrics. Its impressionist art in its finest hour. This trend offers beautiful blossoms bursting across their fabric canvases and strutting down the runways of London and New York. It's akin to art school for fashionphiles.  This trend definitely makes fashion this season more fun and flirty. Wearing your art on your sleeve has definitely been endorsed by designers  Laura Biagiotti, Marni and Oscar de la Renta, as well as Stella McCartney, Rebecca Taylor and Dries Van Noten. Painted florals is yet another trend that you should try and have in your closet, you never know, this one may become an overnight classic for many fashion seasons to come.    


Here's hoping you enjoyed these two trends. Make sure to post any pictures of pieces or outfits that were inspired by them.