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Spring Trend 2011--Denim Lime Green and Glitter Liner

25 April 2011

Good morning chicklets,

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sundays. Passover is almost over as well and in Italy today is a continuation of the Easter Holiday called Pasquetta. Just another reason for family to spend together. The one thing I love about Italy is how seriously they take relationships and time off. It is very healthy.

Enough of my babble. Today, I bring to you a wonderful trend. Denim (a staple) and a bright color--in this case lime green and teal. I could have used yellow which is another popular color this season but I wanted to switch it up a bit. Along with colorful wide bangle bracelets and wedge sandals and we've got ourselves a fabulous look.

Glitter liner is also big on the scene this season as well and since I am celebrating Earth Month, I have decided to incorporate some vegan and earth friendly cosmetics to the list. Stay tuned, later I will write a post on Raven Haired Beauties to continue my Makeup Basics Seminar. Enjoy!

1. Denim Jumper, Gap
2. Lime Green Tank, Old Navy
3. Wide Purple Stretch Buckle Belt, Fashion Focus
4. Katy Ann Wedge Sandal, Not Too Coy
5. Perfect Circle Handbag, Nine West
6. Gold Hoop Earrings
7. Peacock Ivory Bangle Bracelet, Claire's
8. Vibrant Threaded Bangles, Forever 21
9. Painted Flowers Bangle, Forever 21

1. Onyx Crystal Liner, NYX Cosmetics
2. Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara, Tarte Cosmetics
3. Natural Cheek Stain in Tipsy, Tarte Cosmetics
4. Natural Cheek Stain in Flush (Dark to Deep Dark Skin), Tarte Cosmetics
5. Joy LipSurgence Lip Tint, Tarte Cosmetics
6. Moody LipSurgence Lip Tint (Dark to Deep Dark Skin), Tarte Cosmetics

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4 comments on "Spring Trend 2011--Denim Lime Green and Glitter Liner"
  1. Merci :)
    love wedge sandal..

  2. Italians know what is important in life; time off to spend with family and friends.
    Lovely collection! I want to go to Forever 21 to get some of those bangles.


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