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Latte Musings: 2 Trends that are right now

25 April 2014
As we settle into the spring months and we transition from fluffy sweaters to shorts and sandals, there are various trends happening in the fashion world that deserve your attention. Spring and summer are typical of bright hues, lighter fabrics, and fun funky patterns. And this Spring Summer season is no different. This time we are seeing some oldies but goodies in a new way, whether it's pastel infused tribal prints or neon gypsy patterns, this SS 2014 season will not leave you bored.  




One of my favorite trends this season is what I have dubbed as "nomadia." It is a modern take on gypsy and north African tribal trends. The difference with this season's revival of the trend is that these gorgeous geometric shapes are infused with neon splashes and pastel borders, fringed edges and batik embroidered patterns. From Valentino to Dolce and Gabbana, this trend is a definite must have that will still have a big impact come fall.

Nomadia Trend



This season sees no shortage of the celebration of the pop art cultures of the 60s and 70s. Andy Warhol's Campbell soup can art deserves honorable mention. Along with bright talking bubbles of super heroes and the super heroes themselves splashed across shoes. shirts, and pajamas, the Pop Art trend is a fun artistic way to show your inner modern art enthusiast side.

Pop Art

If you are the type that shy away from bright colors and bold prints, another way to introduce these trends into your wardrobe is by accessorizing them. Find some nomadic style earrings or bracelets that are a bit inconspicuous to take a few chances, or bold printed handbags or shoes and combined them with classic pieces. Doing trends this way will ensure that the items you buy can be used across many seasons and years of trends coming and going.

What are your favorite trends this season?

Star Talk: Winter is Coming

23 April 2014
We are finally at the end of the chart and figuratively in the winter of our lives in this part of the zodiac. Many people born under these three signs, tend to be about their business, the community, and psychic ability. These signs also have a tendency to be quite detached in one way or another. But, let's stay focused on the bright side shall we.

Winter babies, Capricorn,  Aquarius, and Pisces tend the be the oldest, deepest souls of the zodiac. But let me break them down individually, beginning with Capricorn.   Capricorn are normally our Christmas and New Year's babies. Ruled by Saturn, they tend to be very practical and somewhat inhibited about life and normally you see these little seagoats depicted running around with a briefcase full of money. It is true what they say about these little horny goats, they always have their mind on their money and their money on their minds. This is not because they are greedy, no. It is because they are practical. They believe in setting up their children's inheritance at this point in life as well as living out the rest of their days in comfort. Capricorn are known for their love of the color brown (like the earth sign that they are) and dark green (like the color of money). So if you see one running around town, don't get in their way, you may get trampled.




'This is the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius....' Aquarians are sometimes confused as being a water sign, but they are not. They are fixed air, but are always depicted as a androgynous person carrying water. This sign is all about the community, but in a very detached way. Like Libra, they believe in justice for all, and that all should be taken care of. They are the community organizers, innovators, and philanthropists, like Oprah. However, like their opposite sign Leo, they are also the peacocks of the zodiac, but in a more subtle way.  Aquarians are traditionally ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus. They are, on the positive side, the changers, rebels, and on the negative end they can be dictators. And like Uranus (which means 'sky' in Greek) their color is electric blue, like the clear crisp blue sky.



Electric Blue Aquarius

Last, but never least are the Pisceans. These little fish are usually seen swimming in deep waters, sometimes with purpose and sometimes without direction. They are depicted as two fishes, tethered to each other (devoted if you will) and traveling in two different directions, but in a circle. They represent our tie to this life and to the end of it and new beginnings. They represent, the beginning and the end, the circle of life. They are devoted to the comfort of the home and the surrounding of the family. Co-ruled by Neptune (the god of the sea) and Jupiter the sky god. This is where the sea meets the horizon, where life meets death, where they ebb together and you cannot distinguish the difference. Pisceans can be at the same time compassionate and skeptic, they are the seers and the believers of the zodiac. They bear all of the eleven signs in their souls, they've seen it all. And like the deep aquamarine waters that they swim in, their color is aquamarine.