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Outfit of the Day and Giveaway--Preppy Style:

27 September 2013
As I am adjusting to my new life in N. Ireland, I am finally finding time to post some of my fabulous outfits and this is my first such post in the history of Lattes + Lipstick.

I am happy that I have ventured out into my actual styling posts and taking pictures of myself. At the moment I feel like a contestant on Top Model because I have noticed all of the things I did wrong in the photos.

Le beau took these great pictures and I am sure the second time around I will nail it. Hopefully, I wil not get kicked off the island for the first set.

The  preppy trend I am sporting was inspired by the preppy trend of the 1920s, but gained mainstream traction in the 1950s. I am actually wearing my boyfriend's dress shirt along with a skinny tie I bought from Amazon for £2.99. For those of you in the US, all items from ASDA can be found at Walmart from the George brand.

Today, was a wonderfully sunny day and I look forward to doing more snapshots. I will have a giveaway post on the blog Sunday so make sure you be on the look out and enter for your chance to win a skull brooch.

Until then, here are the sites where you can acquire these fabulous wares.

preppy style: OOTD

eating in dublin part 1: crackbird restaurant review

20 September 2013

 I spent a wonderful four days in Dublin, after 15 months working in S. Korea teaching English. So far almost 3 weeks in, I have been in eternal bliss and Dublin was a great jumping off point.

I found myself wondering the streets of the thousand year old city with a friend, when we stumbled upon a restaurant called Bear. I will do another post on Bear soon.  Anyhow, the manager at Bear told us about their sister restaurant Crack Bird where they served free range fried chicken....ok so they had us at fried chicken.

Crack Bird is an awesome little place that has a very organic and minimalistic atmosphere, but the food, the food is exceptional.

They do not serve soft drinks or french fries here. Instead, you can choose from one of four of their delicious homemade lemonades. We ordered the Rhubarb lemonade and it was refreshingly fantastic, served in a large mason jar.

Then came the fantastic yummy stuff. Reminiscing about it is making my mouth water. Le beau and I ordered the soy (glutenfree) fried chicken wings served with thyme honey sauce and the habanero wings.

Since they do not serve 'chips' aka french fries we ordered the hand-rolled croquettes.

 All sauces are made in house and the prices are very reasonable. For two people, we spent €25.

If you are looking for a great place to eat out while in Dublin, do not pass up Crack Bird, located at 60 Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland. It would be the best thing you ever did.

Autumn Trendsetting Part Deux: Traveling Ireland

18 September 2013
Getting back into the swing of things has been proving quite difficult this last week. Blogging, making my jewelry, shopping. There is something about the slow groove of Coleraine, N. Ireland, that has me wanting to relax and slow down, although my mind is fighting it.

This past week, I went shopping at H&M and Debenhams and I have hung out in Dublin, Belfast and Port Stewart. I have not forgotten about posting the other pics of my trip to India, they will be coming soon. Along with photos from my stay in Dublin. Next month, I will be visiting Italy and England. I cannot wait to discover these gems.

But for now, I want to share with you some more trends for Fall 2013 and be on the look out for my future outfit of the day posts, coming next week. Until then chiclets, get your wardrobes ready for an upgrade.


World Tour: Mumbai India: 5Spice Restaurant Review

14 September 2013
It has been a minute since I last post because I have been on my world tour these last 14 days. I just left Dublin and am on my way to Northern Ireland, but before I arrived in Dublin, I spent 10 days is the fast pace, noisy, crazy, smelly, fantastically wonderful city of Mumbai, née Bombay, India.

Later, I will share my pictures of the fantastic architecture, but first I must share my gastronomical experience. My favorite place in all of Mumbai was an Indian/Chinese fusion restaurant that my friend and her husband introduced me to called, 5Spice.

5Spice isn't a swanky place. It is very minimalistic with its picnic style wood tables and glass doors. The restaurant ran by both Chinese immigrants and Indian natives. It was the only spicy food that I had in India. I may also add, that I haven't eaten Chinese since I lived in NYC 10 years ago due to multiple cases of food poisoning and my experience in China not knowing what the hell I was eating.

But this place was magical. The food was exceptional. A meal for 3 people cost about $15 American dollars. The best dish in the place was the Crispy Spinach chicken. It was a mixture of spicy sweetness.

The spinach was crispy and sweet, mixed with sesame seeds. My mouth had a mini orgasm. Then came the noodles and rice.

 And then there was the piéce de résistance, Rocky Road dessert. This dessert was so decadent, it makes me want to fly back to Mumbai just to eat it again. It took three of us to eat it, but it was so worth every bite. Instead, I will try to recreate it in the kitchen here in Ireland. I hope you all enjoy.

3 Fall Trends that are right now...

03 September 2013

Fall is just a few weeks away and for some the anxiety of preparing our wardrobes for the cooler months is becoming overwhelming. Of course, that is why I am here, to get you on your way, to prepare you to be your better self this fall.

Check out the pages of this Glossi that I've created from the comfort of my hotel in Mumbai, India, to see what's happening right now for fall. Don't forget to click on the pics of each item to discover more about it, including the price and where to purchase.

**Side note. a big, huge thanks to The Londoner for discovering this wonderful media and putting it on her site.