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Alexander McQueen's Knuckle Clutches

01 April 2011
Ok ok, I normally do not follow a post after someone else has but OMG when I saw these I nearly died. Seriously. I died for like 3 minutes and Alex came to me and said he wanted me to take over his fashion house. oh wait, that was just another one of my fashion hallucinations. :)

However, if you have been reading my blog you know that Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite fashion designer since his Widows of Culloden Collection RTW Fall 06. I became a die-hard fan while completing my Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising and we had to do a project on a fashion designer. He made me fall in love with fashion and art. Every time I want to throw in the towel on my make-up dream I think of McQueen.

Since his death I have been sad. I mean really sad. That man was an artist of textiles and there's been a void in the art as well as fashion world since his death. Even now, when I do a photo shoot and I take out my McQueen by Mac Mineralize Gold Powder, there is a hush in the room. And then I saw THESE and I nearly cried.

Who'd have thought up KNUCKLE CLUTCHES but Alexander McQueen? It is definitely Street Chic. You look hot walking through the hood carrying your $1300 clutch, then someone tries to mug you and you beat the shit out of them with your clutch turned brass knuckles. The man was a genius.

Sigh, in death AMcQ is still winning. Enjoy the sheer artistry of these bags. And my fave show by him...

You can buy these at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue if you have the means to.

My Fave Alex McQ Runway show

And my all time favorite music video styled by McQueen..

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