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Korea and Beyond

23 January 2013
I have been posting sporadically the last few months and I do apologize. In my defense, I am working 10 hours days teaching children (and I normally don't like children) in a city called Daejeon, S. Korea and by the end of the day I am tuckered out. I have to say though, the job has been quite rewarding but it is taking away from blogging due to a permanent state of exhaustion.


Not only that, I have been working on the S/S 2013 jewelry line, Serica Via, which will launch mid-February. I am very excited about how it is coming along. I am officially addicted to beads. Here are a couple of pieces I have made. And I promise to come around soon to write some posts in anticipation of Fashion Week and fill you in on a few more projects I am working on these days.

Apollo The Sun God Necklace

Snake Charmer Bracelet

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Notable Women: Photographer and Explorer Kat Clay

19 January 2013
I met Kat a few months ago when I traveled to Ulsan, South Korea for a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by my American friend and her European Expat engineer buds living there.

The lovely Kat or as I like to call her, Cassius, and I began chatting about traveling and how we both are travel whores who can't get enough of seeing the world. She is definitely a true Explorer at heart. Me and the lovely Aussie discussed slavery in America and the influence of Irish and African "immigrants"- I used that term lightly since the first Irish and African 'immigrants' were sent to the new land as slaves--on country music. She and her hubby did a three month road trip of the southern United States, going through the Ole South and what she learned there.

When she asked what I did besides teach--we are both ESL teachers here--I told her I had started a brand called L&L and what it was about and she told me she was a photographer. So I pleaded, nay begged, to see some of her work. I was already in love with her energy and was trying to figure out a way to get her on the blog. After seeing her work, I knew I had to showcase it here. I asked if she would be up to doing a photo essay for Lattes and Lipstick and she was all in. I am in love with her passion for her craft and the way she captures landscapes and people. Below, is a copy of our interview transcript. I am sure you will love her and as much as I do.


LL: Where are you from and where are you now?
KC: I'm from Sydney, Australia but I'm currently living in South Korea.

LL: You have stated that you are a professional adventurer. What adventures have you been on?
KC: My husband and I have been traveling the world since September 2011. We started in the United States for three months, then headed to Europe. In terms of adventures, I've hiked through a lot of the national parks and flown a plane over New York City at night. And I've also been to Transylvania! No vampires though.

LL: You are a budding photographer, what do you like to photograph? What type of camera do you use?
KC: I do a lot of travel and landscape photography. The great outdoors appeals to me a lot, as I do a lot of hiking. This year I was a finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year - New Talent category for a series on Versailles. I look for interesting weather conditions, especially shooting places off season. But lately I've been shooting cities. I'm obsessed with science fiction and futuristic images in the world today.

I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and my primary lens is the 24-70mm f/2.8, a beast with beautiful sharpness. My other lens is the Sigma 10-20mm.

LL: What are the top three things you are working on now?
KC: I keep working on my futuristic cities photography series - Korea is definitely the place for that. I'm also a writer so I'm busy editing my young adults fantasy novel. And finally trying to train for the Everest Base Camp hike.

LL: What projects would you like to work on if you could in the future?
KC: I'd really like to get commissioned to shoot either the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia or Nagaland in India. Wishful thinking!

LL: Where can we buy your fabulous photographs or find you in the webosphere?
KC: My website is and my twitter is @kat_clay
My photos are for sale on Getty, iStockphoto, Dreamstime and Shutterstock.

All Rights Reserved ©2010-2013 Kat Clay

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How you make the new year great..!!

01 January 2013
I will not tell you to put targets, or to write on paper what you want to do fo this year, i think we have done this already!!

Some tips to feel better this year...

First of all spend more time with your family..such as seeing more often your parents or grandparents. Coming home, in our database, can carry quarrels with parents..but always will make you remember where you much you have..that there will always be people who really love you and the most important thing, your presence make them happy!!

Work more qualitative.

Rather than spend endless hours in the office, working and surfing at  the same time, try to concetrate more in the morning so you can leave earlier! You don't have a job?  Do volunteering !! If you are in phase that you are looking for job, spend a few days of the week doing volunteer, find an organization that covers you and go help them!! You see how important it is to offer and you will undrestand more about yourself and appreciate what you have more..

Find a hobby.

Something that you like to do on your own, or with friends..painting, photography, reading books, anything! When you put together some projects (e.g 100 photographs) do a little exposure to your home!!

Change your home.

I do not mean to buy furniture or decorations, just change the arrangement of you already have!

Do some exercise.

Take your partner and walk to your nearby park! you will feel better from the first day!

And the most incredible thing tha can happen to you this year is to fall in love!! Open your heart and let the love you have inside you blossom!!


Happy new year my friends!!!

Happy 2013

I would like to thank you all for supporting Lattes and Lipstick and hoping you all the best in this upcoming new year. I look forward to sharing all of the wonderful things that is in store and growing our readership.

Let's make  a difference this year!


happy 2013