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Star Trek and a Giveaway

29 May 2013
I woke up this morning at 4am because I couldn't sleep. I am dreaming about my pre-fall and fall collections and I am finally feeling my style of jewelry and I was just surfing the net looking at color trends.

Needless, to say I am really excited about where my design aesthetic is going. I was also excited about my ticket to go see the opening of Star Trek Into Darkness. I have been waiting MONTHS!! Months I tell you. I am just looking forward to seeing sexy Sherlock Holmes star, Benedict Cumberbatch on the big screen. I am indeed a Cumberbitch.

Look at those cheekbones. The man is beyond. Sigh...

On another front, my friend and fellow blogger, Dale over at Savvy Spice is doing a giveaway on her site.

She is giving away one of the bracelets (pictured above) from the Lilith + McRae Spring collection, as well as one of her chic Savvy Sleeper pillow cases (also pictured above) --I cannot wait to get mine in the mail--- and some other goodies.
So get over there and enter the contest here.
Until next post, toodles!!

Alluring Beauty Trends from Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

26 May 2013
In my last post, I shared with you some fabulous fashion trends garnered from Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby movie. This time, I am bringing you the amazing and I do mean AMAZING beauty trends perfect for Summer and Fall. They are definitely vintage, bold and not for the lighthearted, but in all of these trends, I am sure there is one in here for every woman.

What are some trends that we can learn from the 1920s... Hear are a few..

Great Gatsby Beauty 2

Smoky eyes and Vivid Lips

I know they have said you should never do a dark eye with a vivid lip, but they were wrong. Trends come and go and then come again so my attitude is stick with what you like unless it is black lip liner and light lips. That, was never a good trend. Nor that sharpy brow liner trend.   But smokey eyes and vivid lips? That is just sexy.  I would suggest doing a 'daytime' smokey instead of a dark Kim Kardashian-esque smokey with these vivid lips. Here are a few looks based on skin tone and they are all interchangeable. It doesn't matter if you are dark or light, cool skin tones or warm, so use any of the looks at will.

The Great Gatsby Beauty Trends: Smokey Eyes and Dark Lips

Fun Nail Trends

Fun nail trends are also a part of this roaring theme. Blood red, oxblood, black, silver, gold and pastels like blue and lavender are definitely the rage from this time period. Check out these sassy colors and add them to your Summer and Fall wardrobe.

Great Gatsby Beauty

I hope these boards have inspired you  further. I can't wait to hear about what you have tried.

A Few Fashionble Trends Influenced by Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby

21 May 2013
This just in.. I absolutely loved and I do mean lurveddd Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. Despite the fact that I truly dislike the rap music soundtrack and trust I understood the connection, I would have preferred jazz music because I am a purist. However, no matter your take on F. Scott or Luhrmann, the one thing we can definitely agree on is that the fashion of the Roaring 20s and coincidentally the film are definitely the 'cat's pajamas.' So, I've decided to be a good 'sport' and clue you in on the trends that will definitely influence your summer and fall wardrobes. So take out a pen and paper and commence jotting....I'm serious.. do it now... NOW! :)

During the 20s, women begin to wear men's wear and burning their corsets. So wide leg trousers, pussy bow tops, oxfords....lets just say loose fitting clothes were all the rage thanks to a few notable designers such as Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret liberating women from their ermmm..confined lives. Stacked heels, t-strap shoes, lace trim, black and white and flirty skirts were staples in every woman's wardrobe. Check out these few fashion forward pieces inspired by the age.

The Great Gatsby for Under $100

And who doesn't like being bedazzled? We women LOVE our jewelry and accessories. This was the age of true decadence. Think the 80s times 1000. The women in the 20s knew how to catch a man's eye...just TWINKLE.. Dangling earrings, statement necklaces and graphic prints are just a few things that this era inspired.

The Great Gatsby for Less

Stay tuned later in the week for the Beauty inspirations from this era. I am sure it will knock your socks off. Feel free to list a few things in the comment box that you ladies would like to see me cover in my fashion and beauty editorials. I am looking for some fresh ideas. Until next post. Toodles!

Oh Saturday Morning and Coco Chanel

10 May 2013

It's a lazy Saturday morning for me and I don't plan to leave my bed before 2pm. It is a well deserved sabbatical. I have been filling my morning with Organo Gold Latte Coffee--which has been assisting my weight-loss among other things--and watching any and everything that I can get on Coco Chanel's life.

I am starting off with Coco Chanel an Igor Stravinsky and I will end with Coco Avant Chanel. I just love these stories about her. Despite her blustering personality, Coco was a force to be reckoned with. She didn't talk a game, she was the game.

There was something remarkably striking about Ms. Chanel. Her fashion house was her life. But she also loved a few men. None more than Boy Capel boy she did love them and they her.  Her visionary designs were ground-breaking and her drive catapulted her not once, but twice to the top. She was also the first designer to ever have a designer fragrance for which she oversaw the creation, from start to finish. Chanel No. 5 was created in 1921.

Coco had much input into her fashion brand up until her death in 1971 and I feel that she was one of the last great 20th century designers, along with Dior (40s), Vionnet (10s-20s), Schiaperelli (20s-30s), and Ferragamo (60s). Her career spanned 60 years and her name is still synonymous with elegance, classic Parisian chic with a bit of forward thinking modernity. Karl Lagerfeld, I feel is upholding her image even when his design are a bit out there.

One of these days, I will own a Chanel  designer piece. But at the moment I am just letting her timeless elegance inspire my F/W 2013-14 collection.

Hope you all have a great weekend!