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Latte Chic's First Tutorial-- Roaring 20s Gray Smokey Eye

20 April 2011
Good afternoon chicklets! I have finally completed the first tutorial, I hate it however one must start somewhere and I hope it is instructive for you. I am still working out how to do my own makeup in front of the camera and figure out the lighting issues. I will continue to do them even if I do not like how they turn out because practice makes perfect so please bare with me. You guys get to see my fledgling start and watch me grow. You'll even get to see me lose weight. How fun is that? I will make sure in the future unless it is fantasy that they are ten minutes or less. No need to bore you to death. So enjoy and if you have any positive constructive suggestions on how to make this transition easier please feel free to write comments. The Youtube Channel is here

This tutorial is based on the look below that I wrote about on this post here.

Final Look

**p.s. I am editing the clip, so a better one will be up later tonight.

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3 comments on "Latte Chic's First Tutorial-- Roaring 20s Gray Smokey Eye"
  1. Thanks for the tutorial. They are soooo helpful.

  2. You're welcome Sherry. Hopefully this will be the worse of them all. :D

  3. beautiful tutorial! I love so much the way you did your lips! looks stunning!


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