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Alexander McQueen--My Inspiration

20 January 2011
When AQ committed suicide last year it was one of the saddest days of my life, aside from the death of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Ted Kennedy. He has been my favorite designer since 2006 when he did his Plaid collection for Fall 2006 RTW. I have always had a thing for plaid, in fact I think I was some Scottish queen in a past life. I love how he took a textile normally equated with Catholic school uniforms and stuffy Anglo aristocracy and made it chic and edgy. He had me hooked. Then last year he designed the costumes for Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (best video eva!) and I loved him even more.

When I was working for MAC they collaborated with McQueen and when we went to Update to see the collections coming out for the spring, I saw his name and screamed. Everyone thought I had lost my mind and most didn't know who he was, but I did! In fact I still have the lipgloss, eyeshadow and gold highlight from that collection. I am keeping them foreva!

AQ has been my muse for five years and he has gone and done it again, in absentia of course. He has inspired me with his keen attention to detail and use of beautiful powerful colors. His recent success was having the First Lady wear his beautiful red, asymmetrical-shoulder dress for the arrival of the Chinese President Hu Jintao. She looks flawless and so does the dress.

Long live McQueen!!

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