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What I Wore--Florentine Intrigue

04 December 2011
Good morning Lipstick Lovers,

Last week I started a miniseries called--"What I Wore"-- which is a part of my Travel Style series, based on places that I have traveled to or plan to travel to. Of course the outfits will not be based on anything I wore but based on what I would wear were I to visit these places (again). I kicked the series off with New York City, the concrete jungle.

I plan to do this series for the next 6-8 weeks and the way it would go down is the whole week will be dedicated to the city I choose. Of course the fashion will be on trend so don't worry. And as we speak I am putting together a slew of cool places and posts.

The second week in and I am excited to write about my favorite city the world. A city of mystery and back door intrigue. A city of artistic beauty and double-crossing folklore. The birthplace of the Renaissance, Italian fashion and the modern Italian language.  Florence is just an amazing city.

Florentine women have amazing style. They are not afraid of colors or mixing them.

What I Wore

For those more adventurous like myself try these Palazzo Pants instead

My Makeup
Florentine women like to be fresh faced while emphasizing one area of their faces, whether it is the eyes or lips. They never seem to over do it. 

My Fragrance

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Fragrance, $60. Notes of velvet peach, plum, jamaican pepper, jasmine, amber and sandalwood gives this fragrance a woodsy scent with fruity notes. Make sure to stop in the Ferragamo Fashion Museum.

What I drank

Roberto Cavalli Caffe Giacosa, Florence, Italy

Land of Cappucino. You can't help but stop in Roberto Cavalli's Caffe Giacosa for a famous Italian cappucino. But until then here is a lovely recipe for you to make your own at home.

What I Read

I am all about the Medici family. In fact I plan to cover them in my dissertation once I return to University for my PhD. This book is an awesome read for a little background on the family. However it is mostly fiction.

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