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Interior Design-- Kenya

30 December 2011
"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
                                          - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since I was unable to locate a mainstream beauty of the week from Kenya--most models and actors are from the neighboring countries such as the Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia--I decided to focus this post on something uniquely Kenyan--African Inspired home decor. Usually African decor that is uniquely Kenyan tend to have Kikoi cloths or animal fur cloth/rug thrown here or there--Kente cloths are from Ghana-- natural earthy colors, Kenyan warrior masks, drums and most of all wooden animal statues. Mostly natural elements like wood or rattan and green plants.. I have chosen a few pictures to display this beautiful and artistic decor. I have also included some photos from designer Suno's Fall 2009 collection dedicated to the people of Kenya.

The wonderful thing about African decor is that you do not have to deck your entire house or room in African items. You could just use natural--earthy--colors and choose a piece or two and declare it African. A well placed ottoman, or wooden giraffe or mask and voila you have a conversational piece for all of your coffee parties. I hope these inspire you!

[All images taken from Google]
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