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Firenze Nail Color of the Week

05 December 2011
Continuing the week on the same vein of Firenze, Italy. This beautiful nail color of the week is the color of royalty, lilacs, lavender fields and Irish rolling hills of heather. It is also the city of Florence's adopted color; it's the color purple. Not the movie, but the actual color.

It can be rich in tone or as light as a feather. It can be moody or bubbly and everything in between. It is a color  made for every personality. So get out your check books or get on your walking shoes and get out there and get yourself a beautiful shade of purple!

OPI Grape Set Match, $9

Butter London, HRH, $14.50

Illamasqua, Faux Pas, $14

Dolce and Gabbana, Midnight, $20

Essie, Sexy Divide, $8
6 comments on "Firenze Nail Color of the Week"
  1. Love the different nail polish shades of purple and lavender and the photos are just amazing!

  2. I adore purple polish at this time of the year!

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