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Makeup Garage Sale

22 December 2011
As promised it is my annual garage sale where I must give up some products to make room for moooooorrreee product. I am thinking about just getting rid of everything except the bare essentials to make room for traveling. I probably will not be doing any more make up until next year anyways. So why not?

But for now this is what I have and the prices are listed below. If you are interested in any of these, email me at or post a comment. All gloss items have not been used, powders are gently used--read used once or twice-- and pigments are completely full. Some items are limited edition.

Prices do not include shipping but that should not be more than $3-4 depending on what you buy.. Happy shopping ladies and gents!

Pigments $9 each, 1. Old Gold  2. Golden Lemon 3. Reflects Blackened Red 4. Melon 5. Reflects Transparent Teal 6. Deep Blue Green (Hello Kitty Collection)

Pigments $9 each, 1. Copper Sparkle 2. Gold Mode 3. Milk (Hello Kitty Collection $7 (3/4 full) 4. Blue Brown Pigment

Mineralize Powders $12 each, Blush $8, small pigment $4 1. Cheeky Bronze  2. Comfort 3. Spaced Out Blush 4. Vanilla Pigment

Eyeshadows $5 each 1. Firecracker 2. Sweet and Punchy 3. Blue Storm

lipglass $5 1. Fold and Tuck 2. Flurry

Dazzleglass $7 1. Bare Necessity 2. Superglass FabFrenzy 2. Funtabulous

1. Teal 2. Chocolate Brown 3. Violet 4. Silver Fog

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