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Carrie Bradshaw Hearts New York

02 December 2011
So first I want to give a shot out to one of my blog readers that recognized me in the line at the Post Office yesterday. It was the first time I have ever felt like a blogebrity. So thanks for saying hi and good luck with your endeavors!

Due (doo-ay), this blog post is about all the things that remind me of NYC. I completely miss that city and I need to go back for a visit sometime in the near future. Of course the quintessential New York girl in my eyes is Carrie Bradshaw.

I know she is a fictional character but she embodies the style and personality of NYC.  So I have taken one of Carrie's iconic outfits and transformed it to fit the everyday girl's budget. The dress she wore in this photo was designed by Oscar de la Renta and runs about $4K. So here is my take on that gorgeous Opera outfit! Of course I had to throw in some sexy polk-a-dots!

**Winter Waltz Dress, Modcloth, $199

What's playing in my ear

The one thing I love about New Yorkers is that they are born hustlers. When they get an idea they run with it. They believe totally in themselves and in the laws of attraction. They  rarely sit around waiting for hand outs or for life to happen, they go out there and make life happen. So Napoleon Hill, protege of Andrew Carnegie, Think and Grow Rich is an amazing book to read for those born "hustlers/business" folk. In fact most millionaires/billionaires have read this book more than once. Oprah has read it 11 times. I am at the moment playing the audio in my ear. And this special edition can be found on the Napoleon Hill Website. The other thing I loved to do when I lived in NYC is lie in Central Park in the Fall and read a good book. This book would have been excellent for such an occasion. This book is fantastic because it is helping me develop a business mind.

What I am drinking 

The one addiction that I gained by living in NYC was coffee! You never talk to a New Yorker before they have had their first dose. They may bite your head off. I would spend $50/week on Starbucks when I lived there but now I live drinking the healthy stuff. It makes me smile and feel good.

"A man who cannot make a decision promptly once he has received the necessary facts cannot be depended upon to carry through any decisions that he may make." --Andrew Carnegie

4 comments on "Carrie Bradshaw Hearts New York"
  1. I believe you are correct in saying that New Yorkers are "born hustlers" - I adore the city - lived there for more than three years but I prefer Europe. Not so many born hustlers;-)

  2. love those platform polka dot shoes :D

  3. I <3 New York and can't wait to live there! Fingers crossed for CUNY - Queens College Law!

  4. One more thing: I've been watching Sex and the City starting with the end of season two. I am midway through season 4 now. Of course I've watched several episodes many times since the show went off the air in 2006; but, now that I'm watching them in my mid-thirties they have such different meanings. I love it.


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