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Travel Style- Kenya

26 December 2011
Good afternoon chicklets!

I am sure most of you in the west are still full from all of the food you partook of over the weekend and sitting in front of your computer trying to figure out how to move your tucus from the sofa. Shazaam! I say relax, it is rare that we get the opportunity to just veg out..

Today's travel style is brought to us by way of the beautiful country of Kenya. I have a good a friend from Kenya who has invited me many times and I promise you I am going to make it there this coming year.  I mean who does not want to go on a beautiful Safara and see exotic animals in their natural habitats and spend the day in the markets shopping for Kente cloths and wood carvings or sun bathe at the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean?

Kente Cloths are from the Ashanti people of Ghana

African prints and head scarves are playing a big role in fashion at the moment, even Russian Vogue did a complete photo layout on this style.  I have decided to create an outfit for my 'journey' to Kenya.

1.Isola Tote, Nine West $46
2. Fashion Focus Brown Stretch Snake Embossed Wide Belt $32
3. Brigitte Bailey Georgie Sandal $32
4. Tory Burch Terrero Long Caftan $350
5. Ben Amun Resin Tribal Necklace $80
6. Ben Amun Brown Resin Bangle $50
7. Ben Amun Pink Resin Bangle $30
8. Ben Amun Tan Resin Bangle $30
9. Sahara Zebra Ring $195 Simply Wood Rings

1. Amber Lights E/S, Mac Cosmetics, $15
2. Embark E/S, Mac Cosmetics, $15
3. Ravish Cream Blusher, Illamasqua, $18 (for med-dark to deep dark skin tones)
4. Lure Lip Teaser, Fashion Fair, $17
5. Ravish Blush, Tom Ford, $45
Cream and Tan Kenyan Scarf, Our Fair Earth, $28
My Fragrance

There is something sexy about Black Coconut oil that reminds me of the earthy. Its sweet yet musky scent is a great way to feel connected to an earthy country like Kenya. Black Coconut Roll On Perfume Oil, Amazon, $1.75

What's Playing in my ear

 What I'm drinking and eating

Nyoma Choma: Roasted Goat with Greens and Ugali

3 comments on "Travel Style- Kenya"
  1. Roasted goat sounds scrumptious!
    Adore the colours of Kenya - so rich and colourful. Happy holidays to you.xx

  2. Great post and the food looks so good and so similar to what I like to cook!
    I hope that 2012 brings you lots of new adventures, happiness and joy.
    With Love,

  3. I'm loving African prints that are everywhere! I would love to visit Kenya as well. It look so beautiful.


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