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Travel Style- London

11 December 2011
Good morning chicklets,

I am still a bit tipsy from all the wine I had yesterday while visiting the Hill Country for business with a few of my coffee business partners. So at the moment I am writing this post from cold and dreary San Antonio. I am preparing for another coffee tasting party that we have later but I wanted to get this post in because I have an extremely week. All I can say is, life is definitely grand.

Moving it along, one of my favorite cities in Europe is London. There is something quite eclectic and rebellious about Londoners that I love. And of course I get a rebel hard on when I see men in suits at noon drinking a pint of beer on their lunch breaks. It just makes me happy seeing that in the States you can get fired for such an infraction.

But Londoners in particular have such a flair for style and I love how you can find  conservatively dressed people down to the grunge, goth fashion style walking the same streets. Of course the history of the city is amazing. But for some reason the two weeks I was there, I can only recall it raining thrice. And despite the dreariness there is a sunniness to the city.

We all know that Brits are known for their hats so I had to put one in this ensemble. The pieces are little pricey than normal however they are classics that will last you for at least ten years. **Disclaimer** Of course I took a few liberties with some expensive things, namely the Burberry Trench--because I will own one one day soon, however I would totally wear this outfit in London. Later I may have to exorcise my Henry VIII and Boleyn stalker demon. (I'm a history buff what can I say).  So enjoy my favorite things that are uniquely British.

What I Wore

1. Portofino gold figure eight earrings $70 Ben-Amun
2. Barbara Fineman Millinery, Time and Again $275
3. Silk Lucinda Blouse JCrew, $98
4. Monhegan wide leg trousers Anthropologie $228
5. Unmixed Platform Nine West $77
6. Erin Tablet Cover Clutch, Jessica Simpson, $44
7. Suede Trim Trench Coat, Burberry, $1395

My Makeup
1. Constructivist Paint Pot, Mac Cosmetics, $17
2. Too Faced Intense EyeShadow Enchanted Garden, $18
3. Clinique High Impact Mascara $14.50
4. Good To Go Pro Long Wear Lip Creme, Mac, $17

My Fragrance

Burberry London Perfume, $65
With notes of Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Tangerine, Patchouli, Musk, Rose, Peony, Sandalwood, and Tahitian Flower, this fragrance is perfect for any season.  

What I read
Gotta Love the Rose Wars of the British History

What was playing in my ear

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