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Beauty of the Week Ida Corr- Denmark

23 December 2011

Music Producer/Singer Ida Corr's rising star came on my radar in 2007 when I heard her "Let Me Think About It" song on the Mac Cosmetics radio while working. It was instantly my favorite song and I would put it on repeat in the store and we would all dance to it while doing makeup--those were the days...

This Aarhus Denmark native is of Gambian and Danish ancestry and she started her career at the age 11 when she and her band won a National Danish Music contest. She actually started playing the drums at the age of 6 because of her musician father and grew up on amazing music.

She became a national celebrity in Denmark in 2002, but it wasn't until Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand did "Let me Think About" that she became a international star and her star has been rising since. Did I mention the girl can sing too?

The other things I love about Ida (prounounced EEda) is her awesome style and sunny disposition-- not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous! Her happiness shines right threw  oops--through-- her eyes. But enough gushing on my part you be the judge... and yes I know this will earn me the title of "gay guy in a woman's body" but I don't care. I HEART HOUSE man! Whoot

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