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Travel Style-- Copenhagen/ Denmark

19 December 2011

So this week I have chosen an amazing Scandinavian city, and it won't be the last. There is so much we can learn from the Scandinavians. I chose Copenhagen because one, I have a thing for ancient warrior cultures (Danes) and two when I laid over in the airport there I noticed how fashion forward and 'hot' the people --read men-- were. It is a place I wish to go for at least two weeks just to explore. The city is just amazing.

Here are some fun facts: 
1. Copenhagen became a true city in 1167 and was started by Bishop Absalon. They believe of course the city was a small functioning town before this however, it showed up on the collective radar in 1167.
2. 36% of its inhabitants bike to work every day. This mean that they bike 1.1 million kilometers per year city wide
3. It is known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world
4. It is the 10th most expensive city in the world
5. It has a very healthy economy.

What I will wear
I picked this outfit because the dress to me is very warrior-esque. It is super hot. And of course I know that you need to be warm in such mild climates so I had to throw in that awesome fashion forward warrior woman green faux fur coat.
1. Michael Kors Embossed Leather Cuff, Nordstrom, $129
2. Sacred Heart Piranha Agate Sterling Finger Adornment, Dala Horse Etsy, $215
3. Aqua Cobra rolled kimono sleeve Hi Lo dress,  Asos $200
4. Freya Coat Motel,  Need Supply Co, $112

My Make-up

1. Snow Season Mineralize E/S, Mac Cosmetics, $21 (For light to medium skin tones)
2. Texture E/S, Mac Cosmetics $14.50, (for medium to dark skin)
3. Handwritten E/S, Mac Cosmetics, $14.50 (crease)
4. Paradise, Graphic Liner,, $7 (lower lash line)
5. Fever Blush, Mac Cosmetics, $19 (for dark skin)
6. Satin Light Rosewood, MUFE, $19

Sonic Chic Mineralize Blush, Mac Cosmetics, $21 (for fair to medium skin)

My Fragrance

Ko is a fair trade, all organic line from Denmark. This scent that is equal parts sweet (neroli/bitter orange) and spicy jasmine is great to wear around the city of commerce.

What I Will Eat and Drink

How can you not go to Denmark and not have a Danish? Seriously...

What I will drink at the party and after

Who doesn't love a flavored beer?

What I will play in my ear

This Arhus, Denmark native caught my attention with her Let Me Think About It single and she is just awesome. She is of Danish and Gambian descent. And I love the fact that she is 'thick' and loves her body.

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  1. I would love to be there with you; specially wearing that green bolero style jacket!!


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