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Beauty of the week London-- Estelle

18 December 2011

I fell in love with this bubbly ball of 5'2", West End Londoner of Senegalese/Grenadian heritage,  back in 2008 when I heard the song American Boy through a bud of mine living in London. I later found out she was once close buds with my DJ bud Blufoot out of London. I took her music on my Ipod to my Mac Cosmetics counter and we rocked out to her second album while doing makeup.

Later that year, she walked into my counter with her best bud looking for red lipstick and I recognized her off the bat. Mind you this is before she was getting mad air time in the States and I think I caught her off guard when I recognized her.

She was a sweetie and was great fun and I will never forget her. Oh yeah and I got her friend to buy some Ruby Woo red lipstick that day. But I digress, Estelle is my beauty pick for this week (concluding London week) not just because she is beautiful but because she has 'mad' style, great talent and the most awesome personali'y (spoken with my fake Bri'ish accent).

Estelle, I am glad your star is shining ever brighter. Big ups to you and your career!

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