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Beauty of the Week-- Denny Mendez

09 December 2011
Denny Mendez aka Miss Italia 1997, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, created a major controversy with her nomination --by audience vote--to the throne of Miss Italia. Two of the judges on the board were suspended for stating that, "A black woman cannot represent Italy." However, the Italian people disagreed and made Denny the people's choice. It was the first time in Italy's history that a non-Italian woman represented the ancient nation as Miss Italy.  Gotta love democracy.

Denny was raised in Italy after her mother migrated there with her when she was a small child.  Her first language was Italian and she later learned Spanish, English and French. Denny was able to land a modeling contract after the Miss Universe competition due to all the publicity her presence garnered.

Today, she still lives in Italy where she acts in films and models. For Denny, she made history and set provincial attitudes on their ears just by being unique. It is a beautiful thing when all beauty is represented and celebrated and Denny is a prime example.

Music from Florence, Italy:

2 comments on "Beauty of the Week-- Denny Mendez"
  1. Tanisha, I remember reading and seeing her on Telemundo and I couldn't believe that that she was a Dominican women living and representing Italy.
    I was born in The Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico and I do understand how hard is to be born in one place but feel like you belong to another.
    Great post!

  2. She is so beautiful and what a face she has too! Good for her for being Bold. And thank you for featuring her. XX


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