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Traveling Vintage Style

23 December 2011
All this talk about travel style got me to thinking about how to look getting on and off the plane, luggage wise.

Yes I understand that the airlines are charging out the a** for luggage these days but one can dream can't I? If were up to me, and clearly it is, I would always be glammed up--and not looking like road kill like on the day when one of my readers spotted me at the post office.

But hey we all have our off days. As for me, I try to make my off days few and far between. So back to traveling. I have been slowing getting rid of, selling off  stuff that causes my luggage to be heavier. I am trying to get lighter because next year I planned to be traveling ALL OF THE TIME BABAY! Its just who I am. I already have a list of places I want to go and dozens of invites.  I try to always find myself passport ready just in case..

London Fun Passport, Accessorize, $16

However before I leave I got to get travel ready. That means I have got to shed get back down to my ideal size--8--, get a new wardrobe and new luggage.. So here are some ideas for traveling vintage style--cuz I am a vintage girl--and my list of places I want to go.

Le  Bucket List
1. Mumbai
2. Australia
3. Denmark
4. Scotland
5. Ireland
6. Kenya
7. Sweden
8. Greece
9. South Africa
10. Israel
11. Egypt
12. Morocco
13. Spain
14. Sicily
15. London

i viaggi

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