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Daily Inspiration Post #1-- Mountains

12 December 2011

"I don't climb mountains, I move them. I believe that we all have the power within us to do this."
 --Tanisha Shulamit

However, at times I prefer the journey of the climb because honestly, the things I learn about myself along the way are amazing and awe inspiring. The journey reveal not only my strengths but my weaknesses, not only my light but my darkness. I see myself clearly and at times it hurts. I stumble, my feet bleed and the higher altitudes make it hard to breathe. Yet, I keep going, I try not to focus on the pain I am learning to keep my eyes on the goal while at the same time embracing the process and being ever grateful. Because if I do not give up, if I remain grateful, I will make it to the end of the journey, where I will reach the top, and experience the absolutely amazing view.

Happy Monday
3 comments on "Daily Inspiration Post #1-- Mountains"
  1. Such a beautiful post :)
    Emma xx

  2. it's not just about the destination but it's about the journey. :)


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