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Spring 2011 Makeup Trend-- Tangerine lipstick!

02 March 2011
One of my favorite things to do in February is to watch the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. This year I was vey busy but I kept up with everything via blogs, internet etc.

One of the most exciting trends since red lipstick to come along for not only fall but for spring/summer 2011 as well is the color Tangerine--my best friend Kendra will be excited to hear this. For those of you who do not know, that equates to orange. Or-ahn-j, arancia--you get the picture..

I love the color orange, it is such a happy color and it is also a trustworthy color. It produces feelings of trust, happiness, and newness with longevity. What a great color to promote during a time of uncertainty and corruption.

The cool thing about tangerine is that any woman can wear it no matter her hue. It is a very flattering warm color and it also has the same affect as red, it makes you feel sexier and more confident. I have searched for some ideas for you to try out. If you have other cosmetic brands that you prefer, check and see if they have similar colors. I hope this weekend you will go out and get 'oranged'

Lady Danger Lipstick by Mac

Lacquer Transparent Lipstick #407 Pearly Fluorescent Orange--MUFE

Morange Lipstick by Mac Cosmetics

Vividly Neon Orange Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Siren Lipstick by Revlon

Siren Lustrous Lipstick by Revlon

Thrills Limited Edition Lipstick by Mac; I own this one and looks fabulous on brown skin

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