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On Trend Spring 2011-- Gray, Lilac and Green

24 March 2011
I love these trend post because there are many of you asking me how to wear their makeup. How to combine colors, etc. I have been so busy, so I have yet to have the time to start a vlog for you but I am hoping life will slow down a bit so that I can start one. As of now I am planning to return to the States for a few months and then on to the next---whatever comes my way. I will not say because as soon as I plan something, another path opens up. So, I'll keep you posted as it comes along. But for today, enjoy my on-trend Spring 2011 inspiration--gray, lilac and green.

I really have this thing for vintage style clothing with a twist. This inspired board has a urban twist, by using a structured tuxedo jacket, pairing it with a vintage heart shaped bodice body suit, dark wash high-waisted skinny jeans and tan open-toed boots, I have taken what is traditionally seen as girly and feminine and gave it street cred.

Taking this silhouette I wished to go against the typical go to black smokey eye and made it gray with a pop of green and adding a lilac lipstick. Lilac lips are just as big as tangerine or bright orange, and red lips. The trend for the last few years has been a move toward color on the lips and stepping away from what the industry calls--the porn star look (smokey eyes and nude lips). There as also been a move away from low rise--I look like a muffin top no matter how skinny I am--jeans to high rise and high waisted jeans which are flattering no matter your figure.

Also, the examples of cosmetics brands I used should not be taken literally. If you have a favorite brand see if they have the colors I presented and use them.

Here is an idea on how to update your wardrobe. Stay tuned for more. :D

Black Cropped Tuxedo Jacket, Richard Nicoll
Striped heart-shaped bodice body suit, Tory Burch
Dark washed limited edition skinny jeans, The Gap
Tan peep toe booties, 6pm
Ombres a paupières Duo Eyeshadow, Chanel
Up the Amp Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics
Sephora Collection Jumbo Eye Pencil in Green, Sephora

This look follows the Enchanted Picnic color trend

I also want to take a moment to say good-bye to an amazing icon, a woman with such grace, talent, beauty and heart. Her spirit will be missed. Goodbye Dame Elizabeth, 1932-2011

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