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On Trend--Happy 150th Italy, Happy St. Patty's Day Ireland

17 March 2011
It's Italy's 150th birthday and celebrations are going on around the country. Unified Italy is younger than America! Go figure. So in that vein, I decided to put together a fashion/beauty board in tribute to the Red, Green and White that is Italy, with a nod towards the 30s fashion which is very on trend and chic! Buon Compleanno Italia!

1. Halston Drape Vest, Neiman Marcus
2. Stretch Wide leg pant, Newport-News
3. Charles David Oxfords, Amazon dot com
4. Green Smokey Eye
5. Humid Eyeshadow, Mac Cosmetics
6. Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow, Mac Cosmetics
7. Russian Red Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics

 Today is also Saint Patrick's Day and I hope you are all wearing green and avoiding being pinch. And here is some fashion/beauty ideas for you to wear today as well with a nod toward 20s fashion--menswear as womenswear--Thank you Coco. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Now, go get kissed by a hot Irishman. :D

1. Tayten Silk Linen Jacket, Ralph Lauren Rugby Collection 
2. Opaline Silk Linen Trouser, Ralph Lauren Rugby Collection
3.Steve Madden Melin Oxford,
4. Wool Tweed Newsboy Cap,
5. Green Smokey Eye
6. Humid Eyeshadow, Mac Cosmetics
7. Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow, Mac Cosmetics
8. Happy Day Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil, Nars Cosmetics

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