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I am an American/I am a woman

07 March 2011
I usually do not write notes like this on this blog but recent conversations with friends, strangers and family and recent reading of articles of happenings going on in America has prompted me to write and post this. And to be honest it has been in my soul to write this post for months, nay years. So, if it is not your cup of tea, breeze past it and come back tomorrow for my normal dribble about life, lattes and lipstick but if you are curious then read on and if you are agree or disagree then pass it along. Happy reading..
Me with Pitbull at an industry event. Makeup by Mimi

Just finished watching Lionel Ritchie on Who Do You Think You Are and I love the story of his ancestors, it once again disprove that not ALL multiethnic blacks in America are multiethnic due to the "raping of our ancestors by 'whitey'" (there are many stories that exists about the love between a white slave owner and his slave), that our families were once strong and cohesive and I know because I am one such person with this background. Like I always say, I may not like America, but it is and has always been my birthright and my home. I am American; not black American, not African American, or any other hyphenated American, I am JUST American. America was taken from one group of my ancestors by another group of ancestors and built on the backs of the other group of ancestors. So take that and stuff it up your pipe and smoke it. My people have been in America longer than most European immigrants and the next time I hear someone say, you're not American enough, I will buy them a one way plane ticket back to Europe.

My angst towards America, is the refusal of acknowledging the ills that were put upon not just the African slaves brought here but also the Native Americans whose homeland was taken from them--and these ills still affect these two groups today. This ridiculous attitude that having pale skin makes you more American than anyone else needs to stop and that attitude in a land of immigrants needs to be checked at the door.

I have never felt a true attachment to America, I am more a citizen of the world however I needed to write this note because I am tired of the buffoonery taking place in our society and politics.

People say morals have left our country and they point toward the widespread of sex, pornography, women working and being forced to raise children alone, or women being 'selfish' and not wanting to have children. Who would with the poor choices of partners that we have? But these are not the moral dilemmas that drove me away. It was the very fabric of family that is being torn apart in the pursuit of the unattainable American dream. The laws that are set into place by Congress and corporations alike that tear families apart by not allowing individuals the free time that they need to be with, to grow with and to spend time with their families and friends. We do not bring back family values by forcing Christianity down everyone's throats. I know plenty of non-Christians more moral and compassionate than many Christians I know.

One of the things I love about being in Europe, is that they have a love for life, family and friends and a love of the precious time needed to appreciate the things above. They may not be as rich as American monetarily but they are rich in the things that count. Don't get me wrong, there are many major issues here too, however the things that are important to me are in abundance here.

Instead of fighting for a President to show his 'papers' to prove his Americaness--NEWS FLASH, he had to be completely vetted before running for office in case you did not know-- and fighting for abortion to be abolished, you should be fighting for time. Time to spend creating, traveling, loving, family and friends. Because let me let you in on a little secret, The American Dream is a lie. A lie peddled by the elite to make you work longer and harder, sacrificing your G-d given life to make them richer and you, in this case, poorer. Fight for your right to leisure time, fight for your right to affordable healthcare, healthier foods at reasonable prices, freedom to worship if you so choose, to worship the way that you want or do not want to, the freedom to choose what you want to do with your body, the freedom to use your health insurance when you get sick and not have to worry about being in the poor house if you do. The freedom to take 2-4 week at a time vacations and not just one week at a time while carrying your blackberry with you, i.e, staycation. The freedom to be happy and to pursue your own happyness. THAT is what you should be fighting for. A cohesive country that does not turn away anyone wishing to come to our shores and make an honest living.

Anything other than the above mentioned things are fruitless. They are used to distract, pander to the lowest form of life, and the most ignorant, in order to keep those in power in power and to rob you of your creative energy and your life force.

Another thing that bothers me is this religious fanaticism in America. A country that toots religious freedom and the refrain that women are equals but in reality we are not treated as such. The next time a man quotes the bible to me--a book written by men by the way--that women should submit to their husbands I will create a virus that will kill all males in the world--just kidding but you get my drift. The bible states--if you are a Christian--that men and women should submit to one another. But I will take it a step further for you Christians and Muslims. This concept--of women submitting to men-- does not exist in Judaism--altho there are sects in the religion that find other ways to subjugate women--which is supposed to be the foundation of your religious belief--I honestly know that this is not religion but culture wrapped in a religious cloak. Me personally, I am not religious at all for certain reasons.

Number 1, I am a woman, this does not make me inferior to a man. It makes me his equal, his partner. A person to help make his personal dreams come true while he helps me make mine come true as well. I am not supposed to give up my dreams to pursue his or sacrifice my happiness for his. I AM NOT a martyr. I am not the WEAKER sex--I cannot physically do some things that men do but thats ok, I am mentally strong and cunning--this is not a negative attribute when used correctly-- to make up for it-- and I am not more sinful than a man therefore I DO NOT NEED TO COVER MYSELF and hide behind a veil. We live in the 21st century and men need to evolve and catch up to where women are.

Number 2, if I decide to not have children or pursue a family, it does not mean I am selfish, not nurturing or any of the other words you have for women such as this. It means that I am aware that I am not MOMMY material and you should applaud me for knowing myself well enough to make this decision and not bring children into the world to make them suffer because I cannot give them what they need. I have never met a woman who did not have children because it was the life she had chosen, regret that choice. I, however, have met many women who regretted having children when it was not their personal desire but the desire of society that was thrust upon them.

 Also, just because I do not want children does not mean I do not desire companionship, love, or a partnership with someone who has the same desires as myself. So check your neanderthal, provincial attitudes at the 19th century door and step into the present and future. The world is out of whack because for the last 5000 years, women have given their power over to men, have sacrificed their god given place beside the male because of lies, mistruths, and male dominated religion and our societies have suffered for it. Men have ruled without the feminine energy for too long and it is time for women to take their place in society. The purpose of the feminine mystique is to temper man's innate desire to conquer, subdue and destroy. That is our purpose and our power. But when that power is subjugated, destroyed and minimized then we end up with death, destruction and inequality.  Isn't it something that when societies were truly egalitarian, those societies prospered in history? This is a historical fact hidden away in ancient texts and labeled as evil.

So women, say no to being martyrs and pawns, and say no to a society that take us for granted, subvert our femininity, sensuality/sexuality and subjugate the very essence that make us different from men--and its not only because we have breasts, a vagina and can carry life within our wombs, we are not just mindless breeders.. I am not a sexual object but I am a sexual being and I believe that women should be cherished and treated as such and we should cherish ourselves and make men work for us. Jacob worked 14 years to acquire the hand of Rachel and he did not bitch about it. Men can take the time to pursue women that they deem worthy and women can allow them to pursue, seduce (this is not a bad word btw) and acquire us. And remember women, you too have the right to CHOOSE your partner. It is not just about what he desires but about what YOU desire.

I hope this year everyone will focus on that which makes us ALL similar and not what makes us different. Focus on equality because when a society thrives on equality then everyone prospers, not just the few.

Happy Women's Day and Month..
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