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Let your lips do the talking

04 March 2011
With spring fast approaching, we still find ourselves in the dregs of the coldest winter months, gray skies and SNOW! Lots of it. But that does not mean we need to stay home bundled up in our robes, lying on our beds, trying to keep warm. So how do I keep warm in the winter months and keep my teeth from chattering embarrassingly while being flirted with by some hot guy named Antonio? I wear red..

Red and its variations (plums, burgundy, fuchsias) are the colors on everyone's lips as we transition over the next two months into spring. But until spring arrives, let out lips do the talking and brighten up these gray days of winter.

#1 Moisturize lips to clear dry, dead skin

#2 Add a lip primer

#3 Color in lip with red lip liner of choice

#4 Fill in lip with red lipstick

Clean up area with concealer.


MUA: Tanisha Shulamit
Model: Alessandra
Photographer: Federica and Gaia