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Makeup Course 2--Pistoia

03 March 2011
My first course in Pistoia, hosted by Cata over at Cata's Craft went really well. There I taught the ladies the basics of skin care and makeup. How to create a natural look, a smokey eye and a perfect red lip. The women enjoyed themselves immensely and I was asked to come back. The best part of the day was when one of the participant, a 65 year old Italian woman--who by the way didn't look a day over 50--cried at the end because she said she never felt so beautiful and youthful. She was starting to feel unattractive because in her mind she was old when in fact she looked amazing. My goal always is to make a woman feel amazingly beautiful, sexy and above all confident. She rocked that red lip and winged eyeliner.

My next course will be May 19th in Pistoia but until then enjoy the photos taken by Cata at the event.

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