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Hottie of the Week-- Francesco Carrozzini

18 March 2011
Carrozzini with Lagerfeld

I decided to veer from the norm and bring you some Italian culture today. The last time I did a post like this it was of the man I would sell my soul for, Raoul Bova. Today I present to you another Italian eye candy of the week. I have been in love with this Milanese (Monzese) since last season of America's Next Top Model. He made another appearance on this week's episode and he was just as hot and charming as before. 

Yes he is a talented photographer and film director but who cares? He's priiittyyy and damn sexy and  he has a sexy schnoz. I have a thing for Italian/Jewish noses. 

As a makeup artist my life is spent playing up everyone's features like a painter notices which light should be cast on a subject, a makeup artist job is to 'create' that light on their faces. So it goes to show that I notice the most unusual features--some would say imperfections--on a person and in most cases they are their best features. 

Mr. Francesco Carrozzini is definitely pretty on the eyes but he goes up there with some of my favorite fashion photographers--Demarchelier, Unwerth, Meisel, Leibovitz, Testino and Newton


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