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05 March 2011
So I know that there are ladies out there who are darker than the blonde in my last post so I promise that on Tuesday I will do a video post--with myself as the model, cuz right now I am bloated and blotchy :D-- on red lips  for darker women. I am a bit camera shy so I have been quite reluctant to do this but I cannot find any dark people in this town, altho they exist they just tend to keep to themselves. So there you have it.

I am excited about a lot of things. A new bud of mine has managed to create a course of 4 women here in Bologna for me to teach next Sunday. I am doing another photo shoot with friend, muse and photographer Pasquale on Saturday. Tomorrow I am doing another shoot for The Wedding Chicks with my fave Italian Wedding Group.  And next week sometime I will start my Youtube Channel for women of all hues, at least I will try to find models willing to do it, until then it will just be me and my friend Emanuele. The station will also be translated into Italian so be on the look out for it.

Also I will start a weekly post on natural skin care  and hair care--as in home remedies. I am natural and am a big advocate for natural hair for all women--cuz last week I did a photo shoot with an Italian model who relaxes her hair.. I almost died.. seriously...

Until then enjoy the pics from the Valentine's Day DIY Wedding Shoot with the wedding girls.

Happy Weekend, Buon Weekend, bon weekend...u get my point.

Model: Fabiola Aghilar
Planner, Decorator and Baker: Almalu's Place 
Graphic Designer: Daily Suze

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