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Spring color trends pt 1

02 February 2012
Spring is fast approaching us and of course in fashion we are always 6 months ahead of schedule and if you are saavy you are about a year ahead of everyone.

 This year's spring colors are quite rich and are an expansion of the colors from the fall. But adding pastels and nudes. We still have the moody brights for those of us who like our colors like we like our chocolates, decadent and eye catching.

Today's look is based on the Darkland trend and represent colors one would find in a pond; lime green, fuschia, navy blue, teal. Luscious colors that only nature can create.

The Jacket takes you from day wear to night wear, from warm days to cool nights add a pop of color here or there and you have a classic, tailored ensemble for any occasion.

Spring color trends pt 1

One piece jumpsuit, $168Mea Shadow wedge sandals, £95Pave bangleTHE CREATIVE ARCHIVES by MUNGO GURNEY square scarve, $45Sequin bracelet, $28IKEA Ravenea, $133-Piece Elio Vase Set, $30
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