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de Nîmes-- 5 Ways to wear it this Spring

25 February 2012

Of Nîmes (de Nîmes): Nîmes, a lovely city in France known for its twill mills, gave birth to our famous and favorite fabric, denim. The first jeans were made in Genoa (Gênes) Italy and Levi Strauss and business partner Jacob Davis of course made the fabric famous when they patented the copper rivets they used on the pockets of their jeans and sold them to gold miners of California and the rest as they say is history.

Denim is a classic staple in everyone's closet but there are always innovative ways to use it. Here are five ways to wear denim this Spring.

1. As a Shirt: Denim as a shirt can be very classic  and vintage.. Instead of wearing it with a pair of jeans wear it instead with a flirty light-weight skirt and platform sandals and top it of with some glamorous shades and oversized hat. Et voilá, vintage.

2. As A Dress: Tap into your bohemian side by wearing it as a dress with some cute sandals and large bangles. Belted or not this is a very chic and easy way to wear denim.

3. As A Blazer: Instead of the 80s jean jacket throw back, make it more sophisticated and opt for a denim Blazer. Coupled with palazzo trousers and graphic tee, this is very hip alternative to business attire.

4. As High-Waisted Capris: With the return of 50's and 60s glamour how could I not put this chic look on the list? Channel your inner Audrey circa Roman Holiday and choose this more dressed-up alternative to shorts. 

5. In Color: Color denim is back! A throwback to the hellraising 80s, color denim has been the it thing for the last 3 years. Try a red or electric blue pair and dress them up or down. Either way you would be seen as being extremely confident for wearing this trend.

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