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Shape Your Way to Success

08 February 2012
As promised on Monday's post, here is how you get that hour glass figure that used to be every woman's dream until heroin chic became popular. Seriously, in what world is looking like a crack head a desirable trend?

Well, as we see in the move in silhouette trends, the move in body consciousness is also moving back to a more healthier and feminine form. And this is how you do it. Don't worry if you have a little padding around the mid section or on your thighs, there are shapewear for that.

Beauty isn't in perfection its in the imperfections and designers take of the rest. Here are some great brands to choose from. Every girl worth her salt should have some form of shapewear, rather sexy or not so sexy, in her lingerie drawer. Happy shopping!


Chantelle$58Victoria s Secret padded push up bra, $50Chantelle, $84Victoria s Secret bikini bathing suit, $9.50Le Mystere camisole braOliver Peoples sunglasses, $325Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette Purse Spray Refill, £35Ambre Gris, €48LABS, Inc. 17829 Three Foot Areca Palm Permanent Plant - Decor..., $111White Holiday Poinsettia: Plants - A stunning, live poinsettia..., $45
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