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Beauty of the Week-- Viola Davis

01 February 2012
Not that  I am the last to post anything, I normally like to be the first for everything--My Arian (aries) nature I suppose, but I cannot help but congratulate and feature this amazing and beautiful actress.

I did not get to watch any of the award ceremonies this season, however everyone was a buzz about Ms. Davis and what can I say she is amazing.

Rare in Hollywood, this Tony Award winner and native South Carolinian, never allowed her dark hue to prevent her from her dreams, in fact it seems she has used it to her advantage.. She is known for her portrayals in movies such as Eat Pray  Love,  Antwone Fisher, The Help, Syriana and Traffic and Broadway production Fences.

And let's not discuss this GORGEOUS DRESS!!  she wore that..

Congratulations on your win and here is to more movie roles in the future!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”
--Malcolm X

Happy Black History Month!
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