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36 Never looked so young

21 February 2012
With my birthday fast approaching, I have been scrambling to figure out how to bring in my 36th year. The year I have been predicting will be a game changer for my life.

I am getting older but like fine wine I am getting much much better. I truly believe the next 18 years of my life will be the best yet and bonus, I will be rich doing it. :-)

So, I decided on the heels of my friend's extravagant and awesome party to put together some looks that I wish to have for my 36th night out with my peeps.

I am in love with the Nautical look and the 1950s--which is very on  trend right now--so I put together two outfits to reflect my classic style.

How will you bring in your birthday?

Birthday Outfit #2-- Naughty Nauticals
3 comments on "36 Never looked so young"
  1. I'm loving outfit #1... I'm a flirty skirt type a girl...I'm in love with the heels as well.

  2. Porsche I knew you'd like the 50s look. We ARE Aries. Lol. We are all into that vintage stuff...

  3. Ohhh....I'm Aries too ! And yes...I'm also so into vintage! Lol - also have big plans for my upcoming birthday. I discovered a vintage shop here in the Netherlands and that is going to be my birthday "party"!


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