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The Big News--Wanderlust

03 February 2012

Yes, that's right! The L&L Brand has done it again and I am launching the other side of my life, Wanderlust. Of course as everyone know, this blog first started off as Oddisea Italiana, originally chronicling my move to Italy 2 years ago.

It morphed into my second passion, fashion and beauty and has grown, but I never forgot my roots or my passion for history and living abroad. So I decided to launch this new project attached to this brand because hey, what can I say, it still fits.

With that in mind, I have 4 profiles that I will be posting as soon as I receive them from those writing them, however, I want more--because I am greedy. If any of you, have ever lived in a country not your own or still does and are willing to post a picture of you and a two paragraph profile on where you are from, where you lived or live now, how you got there and what propel you to leave and your experience both positive and negative,  I would love to feature you. 

The blog will also have articles on language, culture, history, how to do it and the like and eventually an interactive map that pinpoints all of those profiles to encourage travel and spending time abroad like the medieval and renaissance affluent who would spend a year in Rome learning Latin and Italian and a year in France learning french. Whatever the case, I wish to promote cross-cultural relations around the world.. Why? Because the one thing I have learned from all of my travels is, we all have more in common than not.

So make sure to stop by Wanderlust, in the future. But for now you can check it out in its design stage. :-)

1 comment on "The Big News--Wanderlust"
  1. Congrats on this new endeavour. Really looking forward to see the stories that you publish.


Thanks chiclets for your chic comments. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Forever chic,