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Beauty Icon of the Year--Whitney Houston

11 February 2012

I was sitting on my bed watching reruns of Pan Am when I saw my friend's status saying, "Its no joke, Whitney Houston is dead." And I was like whaaatttt??

So of course I went to google Whitney and found that the 48 year Queen of Pop had passed away. I am just as devastated as I was when I heard Michael had died.  It would seem as if the Universe is taking all of the icons I grew up admiring, listening and dancing to away all at once. Its too much.

I'll never forget when my mom brought home her first album, I could not get her sultry unapologetically not gospel sounding voice out of my head.. Yes, I was saving all my love.... It was the album played in my granny's house for about a month.

I look at music today and I think what is this? Compared to the Whitneys, Gerards, Princes and Michaels, most of these musicians today do not hold a candle to them. And with this, I must sadly say farewell, to the woman with whom I used to stand in front of the TV in a turquoise/white striped leotard and dance and sing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" to. With who's song "Its Not Right, but Its Ok" was my theme song for 2011. To a true diva who's song "A Moment in Time" was the theme song for my Senior Prom in 1994. And no one has been able to top her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Whitney was not just a pop icon, she was a beacon of hope for us little black girls growing up in the ghetto, that we too could make it and that we too would be accepted by the world. Here's to a woman who's life became a tragedy in the process of freeing those in bondage. It saddens me to say good-bye to you. You will be greatly missed.

BIO: Whitney made her debut in 1985 with her debut album that consisted of songs, "Saving All My Love,"  and "Greatest Love of All." She comes from singing royalty and her godmother is Aretha Franklin and her cousin is Dionne Warwick. She is the only artist who has ever charted seven consecutive number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits.

RIP: Whitney Houston, August 9, 1963- February 11, 2012

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  1. RIP... and your words, everything your wrote in this post is so true. we will alwyas love her...


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