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13 February 2012
Good afternoon lil chicklets,

It has been a long and eventful weekend where I have decided to make some major changes in my life and one those changes is **consistency**..

Most things work when you are consistent and the only thing I have ever been consistent about is being inconsistent so I am reigning it in.

I begin my day with the fabulous Belly Twins, Neena and Veena, they kicked my ass. However, I have a feeling that they will kick my ass into shape and into that size 8 and away from being borderline diabetic. Well, as long as I am consistent.

If like me, you hate exercising, not the act itself but the actual getting ready for it, going out to do it, smelling other people's sweat then Neena and Veena is right for you. These ladies have taken an ancient dance and turned it into fitness gold while bringing back the feminine mystique loss during the bra burning 70s.

They actually created this program because as young girls their mother was stricken with a debilitating disease that caused her muscles to atrophy. Since then, these ladies have created a global fitness empire, based on sensuality and fun.

I must add that my arms and abs are burning, however, I feel sexy and feminine after that work out. I cannot wait to do it again, Wednesday.

I am committing to working out 4x a week and eating more healthy. I am moving towards a more gluten-free pescatarian lifestyle because my body does not respond well too sweets, meats or wheat.

Knowing your body is key to being healthy and I am looking forward to writing about my progress and things that I have stumbled upon. I have an upcoming talk with gluten-free and Holistic expert and life coach Jennifer Fugo of Evolving Well. Jennifer actually helped me lose 40lbs three years ago when my body was on the verge of collapse but I ended up falling off of the wagon. However, I am taking what she taught me before and utilizing it this time but with consistency.

If you wish to join my 90 day health challenge, click here. Until then enjoy Neena and Veena

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