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How to Design Your Wardrobe

15 February 2012
We fashion bloggers are guilty for inducing shopping and most times unnecessarily. Today, I want to let you in on a little secret about always being fashionable with a few pieces and an initial buy in.

It is not necessary to constantly spend money on fashion. The rule of thumb is that your wardrobe should be 90% classic pieces and 10% trendy pieces. The bulk of your money should go towards items that will last you the lifetime of the garment with a few pieces that are one trend.

Another industry secret is this, most trends last for at least 5 years at a time, including colors, and styles. Knowing this should, make arranging your closet that much easier.. Here are the top 15 classic pieces each girl should have in her closet:

1. Little Black Dress

Every girl should have a lack dress in their closet, rather it is long sleeve or a sheath it is worth spending good money for one. Why? You ask. Because that black dress will get plenty of miles. Its great for work and play. You can wear it to a wedding or a funeral. You can wear it for upscale events or not so upscale. Dress it up with some fabulous heels or go casual with some equally fabulous flats.

A little black dress can go a long way and you wear it over and again and no one will be the wiser. It is best to spend the money initially for a black dress because the better the design the more you can do. You can let it out during months of weight gain--read winter or take it in during slimmer months.

Thank you Coco...

2. A black or navy suit:

A black or navy suit is a great addition to any closet. This dark color is great for job interviews and it is good for work. You will cut an impressive figure in a nice blazer, skirt and trousers. The same applies here as it does for the little black dress. The more you spend on this necessary piece the more miles you will get out of it.

3. A Pair of White Trousers:

White trousers are a classic piece for spring and summer. They never go out of style and you can wear them casually or not.

4. An expensive pair of black and nude heels:

Most women would think it is insane to drop $400 on a pair of shoes but what they do not know is that they do that already on multiple pair of shoes that they do not need. Spending that amount on 2 pair of shoes 1) minimizes the size of your closet and 2) saves you money in the long run.

I have a friend who has had her Manolo's for the last ten years and the only thing she does is change the heel every few years which cost about $30 for wear and tear and she will more than likely have those shoes for another 10 years.  Its all about quality not quantity. Limit yourself to one or two pair of shoes a year at that price and I promise you won't regret it.  **Please note, nude is based on your skin tone.

** Great comfortable designer shoes: Chloe, Cole Haan-Air, Manolo Blahnik,  Salvatore Ferragamo & Jimmy Choo.

5. A good pair of jeans:

Don't waste your money with buying a pair of $30 jeans, they will only last a year if you are lucky then you will be out replacing them again. Just go ahead and buy yourself a pair of $100- $200 dark wash classic fit jeans and they will last you a lifetime.

6. An expensive black/beige bag:

The great thing about certain designer bags is that again, they will last you a lifetime. Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie had that expensive vintage Dior bag? The only thing falling apart after many years was the lining which most designers give you a warranty on your purchase and will fix within 3 years. When I say designer bag, I do mean those that are not mass produced like LV (except the higher price points), Gucci or Coach.

You want those bags that are hand made and not mass produced in China. And try those that are not branded everywhere. Get a bag that only those true fashionistas would recognize even if they did not see the name tag.

7. A pair of sandals:

Sandals are a staple in any girl's wardrobe for spring and summer. Flats or wedges are classic choices.

8. A Tunic:

Tunics are great Spring and Summer staples for any wardrobe and they have been en vogue since the 70s and has never lost their allure. They are great for shorts and jeans or for a skirt or trousers. Either way a nice tunic, linen or cotton is perfect for your wardrobe.

9. A string of pearls/pearl earrings:

The perfect jewelry for every girl. You can wear these beauties with anything and I do mean anything.

10. A pair of boots:

Great for that fall and winter wardrobe.

11. A pair of flats (black or nude):

These babies are great with jeans, shorts, trousers, skirt or dress. And they are perfect to just slip on when running out the door. A pair of flats should ALWAYS be a staple.

12. A pair of fabulous Shades (Sunglasses)

These help you look or mysterious or just protect your eyes from direct sunlight while looking chic at the same time.

13.  A pair of shorts:

This is self explanatory, its summer why not show of your great legs.

14. A nice Blouse or two:

For work and play. Blouses are great alone or with a suit. Custom made blouses will always make you look that much more above the rest.

15. A nice Sweater or two (a sweater and a cardigan)

Belt it, tuck it in, let it hang out. Sweaters are the fall/winter version of a nice blouse.

I hope that this little write up will help you fashionistas with spring cleaning. Here's a visual for you visual learners:

Tory burch tunic, $275Jigsaw bow tie blouse, £59Cowl neck sweaterBlazer, £75Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti pleated pants, $230Dorothy Perkins winter white pantsRiver Island pencil skirt, £20Paul by Paul Smith straight leg jeans, $148Michael Kors mini shorts, $440H&M strappy flat sandals, £13Joan & David wedge heels, $80Christian Louboutin high heels, £375Jimmy Choo high heels, $695Nine West high heels, $40Leather satchelJ Crew satchel handbag, $348J.Crew pearl stud earrings, $50

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