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Hottie of the Week- Álex González

05 February 2012
I have to kick this week off right with a little eye candy for the ladies, hailing all the way from Madrith Spain.

Some of you may remember this drool inspiring Spaniard, as Riptide from X-Men First Class. He was the fellow--my god look at those abs-- erm, creating tornados and such and whom I thought was Native American--shut up. Let's just say he made a great bad guy..

Not every man can pull off long hair...woo chile
Now that I am perspiring a bit--and I am not even awake yet--I must say I hope Mr. Madrid or whatever his name is--in this context it doesn't matter--gave you ladies something sweet to smile  gawk at on World Nutella Day.

Now, I am going back to bed until my International Business Conference at 9 am. A girl needs her beauty sleep you know? Until my next post, have a great one!

2 comments on "Hottie of the Week- Álex González"
  1. Gosh, he's gorgeous [drools]. I wish I would have met a guy even half way as good looking as Alex G. while I was staying in Madrid. I probably would have stayed there MUCH longer if not forever lol

  2. Like Girl, for real for real.. my goodness trying not to stare, I once told it was rude. lmao.


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