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Vintage Style--Roaring 20s

18 February 2012
Its been raining in Houston for the last 3 weeks non-stop. I think we have only had 3 days of sunshine in 3 weeks.

For some reason rain reminds me of New York City and Paris and when I think of these two cities I always think of the roaring 20s/30s and Vintage style.

The flappers were my heros and the jazz age and swing kids were the ideal rebels. I dream of the Harlem Renaissance--I want to read the original Langston Hughes and wish I could hear Louis Armstrong sing for the first time. And style? Well, Coco Chanel with  her menswear, little black dress and strand of pearls inspired it all.

I will spend today watching great movies like Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby, Gatsby, The Human Stain and Coco Chanel. But until then be inspired by the timeless classic style of the 20s and the comeback kid of the century.

Great Gatsby

RED Valentino evening party dress, £147
Oxford shoes, 380 CAD
Sequin handbag, $30
Black ring, $60
Chanel collar necklace
River Island cloche hat, £20
Trish McEvoy Eye Definer / Eye Liner, $16
Little Flirt Lash, $15
Hanae Mori Paris 'Butterfly' Eau de Parfum No Color 1 oz, $90
Nordstrom LusterLoc™ Canvas Jewelry Suitcase, $54
Charlotte Russe - Low-Heel Tall Riding Boot, $40
stila 'smudge crayon' waterproof eye liner, $22

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