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29 February 2012

Good morning Chicklets!

I am finally awake after waking up in the middle of the night in a creative process and did not go back to bed til 6am in the morning but it was worth it..

I am now currently working on some creative ideas that I will launch in the next month in conjunction to my 36th birthday. So many changes going but I am so excited. 

Now here's a question. Who are you, like me, wear a size 10 (40 EU) or bigger and can never find shoes--I actually wear a size 11 (41 EU), but that's semantics. I know, I have snow skis for feet, but I am nearly 5'8" and in my defense I did not steal them, I inherited them.

On top of having big feet, I also have a shoe fetish which depresses me at times because I can rarely find amazing shoes to fit my feet, until now. I mean a girl my height loves wearing high heels so that I can intimidate men, or at least try..

Milk and Honey Shoes is the site for us large feet girls who want to have a designer look. Here you can design your own luscious shoes and not worry that they will not fit or look like old grandma nurse maid shoes--you know the ones that squeak **shivers**. Or worse, we will no longer be relegated to Birkenstocks because they are the only shoes that fit.

So get on over there and start creating and post your creations here. I wanna see.. Until then, check out my creations...

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